Save money by cutting your own hair (male).

When it comes to hair growth I almost would prefer to be bald. Getting a hair cut in Turku cost around 25€, if you have your hair cut every 3 months it makes a 100€ per year. At work, I opened this problem during a coffee break. One of my colleagues told me that he’s been cutting his own hair for years, that surprised me.

On my way to home, I stopped by the supermarket and purchased a hair clipper. Clipper cost me a 25€. At evening I watched DIY videos from Youtube and planned my hair cut. I found these videos to be really helpful.

Time of writing this I have been cutting my hair multiple times and no one has commented my hairstyle. I have also refined my technique. First I cut my hear from the top using a size 15mm comb. Next, I cut the bottom part of the sides with 11mm comb and at the end, I finish the line from the sides with a 13mm, so that there are no visible lines. the sides I cut from down to up. When doing the last round with a 13mm I cut to the point when the blade starts eating longer 15mm long hair. To get the best possible result, you should use two mirrors to get a best possible view. I use my hand as an end stop when doing the sides (just like in the videos). The ears are more demanding when the clipper doesn’t get down enough to reach the hair, I use scissors to trim the top of the ear.

First time I started cutting my hair it felt awful, I was nerves and worried about the outcome. Now it feels natural and I’m quite happy how I can save money and have more control when I cut my hair and how I use my time.

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