Low cost computing with Raspberry Pi 3

 Low cost computing with Raspberry Pi 3
What can you get with $35? Raspberry Pi 3 is low-cost, single-board computer costing only $35. I ordered my Raspberry Pi 3 from Modmypi.co.uk. Delivery to Finland took 5 days.
Best thing in Raspberry Pi is versatility. You can use Raspberry PI in all kinds of tasks. I use it mainly as an HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer). By swapping SD-card to another Raspberry Pi transforms, from HTPC to the desktop programming platform.
Raspberry Pi has 40 GPIO-pins making it easy to use sensors and other accessories for your projects. There are also connections for dedicated camera and TFT-touch display.
The Internet is full of project’s that uses Raspberry Pi. Low cost, low power consumption and small size make it ideal for DIY projects.
Raspberry Pi is for children as well. Educational use is one of the key ideas behind Raspberry Pi and there is good documentation for children, parents, and teachers. Official operating system Rasbian Linux made by the Raspberry Pi Foundation has all important programming tools pre-installed.

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