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What is a minimalistic lifestyle and what are the benefits? How to define a minimalistic lifestyle?

Minimalism is simplifying. It’s about values. What you think are valuable, meaningful and important things in your life. You can’t strictly define minimalism. Everyone has their own personal lives that are unique, same is with minimalism. From minimalism, you take the things that are important to you and use them as you see it fit.

The start

After ordinary weekly cleaning, I started to think how much stuff I had, things that I did not use or really need. I could do something more than store and arrange things in my apartment and live. At the same I understood that it was not only about the stuff, I had to change the way I live and my habits. Less you have, more you get.

The cleaning

I started by cleaning. I got two waste bags and two cardboard boxes. In the first waste bag, I placed things that I did not need and didn’t have any value. These things I threw away. The second waste bag got filled with clothes that could be recycled. I took the clothes to the Salvation Army. Then there were the cardboard boxes. In the first box, I put stuff that I could sell, like old electronics that I didn’t need anymore. The second box I filled with things that had emotional value, things that I just could not throw away. I sold my old electronics and my emotional valuables I took to the basement.

Keeping things in order

After cleaning all excess stuff. I had to think how I was able to keep things tidy in the future. I knew that with time things would change back as they were before. Now every time I buy something, I give something away. Another thing that I decided was constant minimalism. I’m thinking all the time is there something that I could give away? I changed my habits and buy less stuff. If I really need something I give it time and after a week, I give it a second thought. If I still need it, I buy it.

The effect

I feel better. I feel that I have better control of my life, I can concentrate on the things that are important. I use minimalism in managing my time: I made a list of important things that I like to do. I cut my other time-consuming daily tasks so that I spend time on important things. I feel less emotionally touch with things, this gives me freedom. I scanned my photos and uploaded them to the cloud. Now I don’t have to worry my physical documents and photos. I save money by thinking more what is useful and what is not. I try to evaluate what is the lifespan of the object. If I only need it for a while, can I borrow it or do I have to buy it?

5 golden rules for minimalism:

  1. Don’t buy new things. Refurbish and repair your old things to give them a new life.
  2. Throw away excess clutter. Own as few items as possible.
  3. Borrow Items for tasks that are random.
  4. Spend your time on important things. Don’t spend your time doing something that you don’t like.
  5. Think how to manage your life as simple as possible. Don’t stress.

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