Eight things I don’t buy

Sometimes I feel like everyone is trying to sell me something. Every day or at least every week I have to make decisions to buy or not to buy. There are things that you really don’t need or you can live without. Here I will list a few of these that I have noticed. These may help you to save some money, think before you pay.

Eight things I don't buyAvoid unneeded Insurances

There are insurances for everything. I only have mandatory insurances for my home and for my car. On many times, they have tried to sell me health insurance. In Finland, there is a free Public Health Service. Why would I pay for private health insurance when I already pay for the public health care by paying taxes? I don’t want to pay twice for my health care.

When buying a new bicycle or a TV or other appliance, they try to sell insurance for it. It doesn’t make sense when mandatory home insurance covers almost the same things than the insurance for the new bicycle or TV would.

A long time ago I took a loan for my apartment, the bank tried to sell two different kinds of insurances. One insurance was for the loan in a case of unemployment. Insurance would cover my part of the loan, not my wife’s and not the other costs there is for the apartment. When doing fast calculations, insurance would cover only 1/4 of housing cost. Insurance for the case of unemployment had a considerable price and I just didn’t see the benefits. The another insurance concerning the loan was insurance against rising interest rate. Insurance was really expensive. I calculated that it would be better to save the sum to a savings account or some other investment. You can the savings at the time of higher interest rates. The insurance would have been only for 5 years. Looking back, it was a good call to not to have it.

I had a weekend trip to Poland last winter. When booking the flights, they offered travel insurance. I already have a credit card with travel insurance.

Insurances can be useful. You only have to have consideration if you really need and benefit from the insurance. Another problem is that insurances can overlap, you may have the same insurance twice.

No for magazine subscriptions

I don’t order any magazines. There are a tablet and a phone and I use them a lot. Most of the content that I read is free. I use Feedly. Feedly is a service where you can collect RSS-feeds and other sources of news and articles. After you have made your choices for news and articles, Feedly will combine everything as one digital magazine.

There is also a bunch of social media platforms that replacing magazines. I use Pinterest, Reddit, and Facebook. They all give access to media, news and articles that are useful and interesting.

For magazine articles that must be read, I go to the library. Sometimes I take the phone from my pocket and snap a photo of the article to be read later.

No high-speed internet on my phone

Every time I buy a phone or change service provider there is an offer for super fast internet connection. The problem is the usage. What I use my phone is web browsing, emails, and YouTube. These don’t need high bandwidth. Another thing is that most of the time I’m at home where I already have a fast internet connection. Usually, there is no need for high-speed connections on the phone. For my phone, I take the cheaper, slower internet option.

High-speed internet on my phone

My daily phone is Huawei Honor 7. My favorite browser is Google Chrome Beta, with Data Saver function enabled. I have noticed a speed increase in loading times with data saver. Data saver compresses data on Google’s servers before loading it into your browser. Compression lowers bandwidth consumption and speeds up performance.

Don’t buy Liquid Soap

Look at a shower gel bottle. The consistency of shower gel is mainly aqua, that means water. Why would I pay for water when I can get that from the tap? Another thing is that shower gel bottles are always designed in a way that when you try to dose it you always get more than enough. I only use bar soap. Bar soap is cheaper, you even get more quality when you don’t buy the cheapest, and it’s still cheaper than shower gel. Bar soap lasts longer than liquid soaps.

Improper packaging sizes

At the grocery, there are all kinds of sale packing sizes. All consumer goods can be found in small and large packing. I always compare products by the cost–benefit ratio. Usually, it’s cheaper to buy things like soap and cereals in large quantities. This does not apply to a product with an expiration date. Things like milk and other foods I try to estimate the weekly usage and make the purchase on that ground.

Less movies and music

Less TV and movies, more reading. If I have to watch something I watch it from a free TV channel or borrow it from the library. Sometimes I borrow a movie from my friends.

Same goes with music. I don’t like music that much. I regularly listen to  music at work, then I use TuneIn radio app.

Quality Brand Shoes

Disappointed time after time. I have changed my approach concerning quality brands. The brand does not always tell the true story.

Shoes are a good example. Many times I have thought that now I have bought high price, quality, brand shoes like Lacoste, Björn Borg or Fred Perrys. After a month the shoes are done, what a disappointment. Now when I buy something I first read the reviews from online. If reviews are good, I buy the product and test it myself. If the shoes are good, I usually stick with the brand and buy the same brand at next time.

Don’t collect clutter furniture

I don’t collect furniture. My decor is simple and minimalist as possible. Inside of your head, there is a miniature model of space around you. To keep yourself fit means that you keep your surroundings in shape as well.


Let’s say that you have stuff that needs an extra cabin. The problem is not solved by buying the new cabin. Instead, the problem is solved by having less, so that there’s no need for an extra cabin in the first place.


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