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There came two coincidence that made me writing this post. I just love the idea of storing everything in one place and I have been using Evernote since 2010.Google Keep A month ago I started using Google Keep. Google Keep has become my number one note making, reminder, and productivity tool. Google Keep is free Google tool. I will list some benefits of Google Keep and how to use them to get more things done.

1. Reminders

Google Keep can add reminders to your notes. Making notes pop-up when you want them to remind you of something. The really powerful thing is how reminders are implemented. The reminder can be location sensitive, meaning that you can set the reminder to go off when you’re at a particular location like at the library or at the mall.

Another thing using reminders in Google Keep is repeating reminders. I just love to make to-do lists and make them recur every second day for next two weeks. It feels great to get notified by yourself but not too often.

2. Shared notes

Making the shopping list on the go is not always easy, especially when you have to take notice everyone else living in the same household. Shared notes are a way to collaborate with others to make a joint effort florist.

3. Copy text from an image

We have our phones with us all the time. One of the best function is the camera and how it can capture huge amounts of data in a flash. If you see a sign or a poster it’s hard to collect every piece of information with you if you can’t take a picture.

Google Keep can store photos into your notes and more. With Google Keep, it’s possible to extract  text from the photos and use the text as a part of your notes.

4. Color, Label, and Pinscreenshot_20161207-210449

Notes in Google Keep are easy to keep organized by using colors and labels. By using colors you can highlight and pinpoint notes that are more or less important. By tagging notes with labels you can group notes under certain keywords. When I have an idea concerning this blog I tag the note with label “blog”. When I start to write something later at home I can easily find all my notes concerning my blog under the label.

If you have regular notes that need repetitively attention, you can pin them to the top. Every time you open Google Keep you can find your important notes from the top of your notes.




If you have good tips and tricks using Google Keep, please tell me more.

Originally posted 2016-12-07 21:25:07.

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