Android apps to manage personal finance

Frugal living and savings can be managed using only a paper and pen. I try to find easier ways to manage my finance, to do that I usually use my phone. Here I will list all my apps that I have found useful, time-saving and more efficient than paper and pen.


Ideal state in financial managing is to have things in control in a predictable manner. SmartAmount is a tool to plan future expenses, by making an account balance forecast. Using the app is simply by entering recurring occurrences like salary and bills to the app. After enough knowledge of income and expenses application can assist the user to plan future expenses and money usage.smartamount


Pros & Cons

Decision making is not one of my best sides. Often I find myself comparing different options. Pros & Cons is an app that lets you make a list of favorable and unfavorable factors to help you in decision making. The app lets you give scores for the statements. Since using the app I have noticed that it’s easier to make and understand decisions by looking things in different, more visual way. The app would be even better if you could compare more options than two.



Interest Rate Calculation

Investments, loans, and other personal financial matters almost always include calculations. When you’re on the move and there is no access to the spreadsheet, you can use Interest Rate Calculation. An application that has all the necessary calculations in easy, accessible form. There is a calculator for single rates, compound rate, regular fixed and loan calculator. The app is visually appealing and well made.


My Finances

To keep you on track and on the budget worthy option is My finance. There is a lot of budgeting tools in Google Play Store, MyFinance  is comprehensive and one of the best budgeting applications. It includes an export option, possibility to categorise all the expenses and templates.


Do you know an android application to manage personal finance or investments?


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