About me

about meWelcome to my blog. Here I will share something about myself and why I’m writing this blog. Scrooge is a name that can be connected to Ebenezer Scrooge. A character from Charles Dickens’ 1843 novel Christmas Carol. Or Scrooge McDuck, a cartoon character created by Carl Barks. I like some of the qualities that characters mentioned above share: thrifty hero, adventurer, explorer, and philanthropist with a softer side as well.

My name is Matt. I’m normal, working young man, living in Southern Finland. My blog started from Idea that I could share what’s on my mind and develop myself by writing. I have a high interest in self-development, life management and personal finance (not that much of health).

At the moment, I am working in the pharmaceutical industry. Previously I have studied pharmacy, marketing, and information technologies. At my free time, I enjoy photography and nature.

My big goal is to become someday financially independent, hopefully. To meet my goal I save money, invest in stocks and keep myself up to date what’s happening. To be able to make good investments I try to read and research topics that interest me. I hope I can share something new and help people by providing ideas and information to make life easier and better.